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Questions Over Tony Blair’s ‘Opaque’ Deals In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Tony Blair was involved in attempting to secure business deals for wealthy clients in an African country that he also advised, according to recently revealed emails. The emails sent between one of Mr. Blair’s charities – the Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) – and the US government suggest the former British prime minister was eager to use his connections with sovereign wealth funds to secure deals in South Sudan, an impoverished African state with untapped oil reserves.

British Invasion Plot Against Zimbabwe Exposed

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa was under pressure from the Labour regime of British premier Tony Blair to co-operate in a military invasion of Zimbabwe to depose President Mugabe and Zanu-PF, but Tshwane refused, former South African president Cde Thabo Mbeki has revealed. Cde Mbeki made the revelations in an interview with Aljazeera on Saturday, saying the British wanted to replace President Mugabe with their cat’s paw, MDC-T leader Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai, who is on record pledging to violently unseat President Mugabe.