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Sam Cooke Remembered 50 Years After His Death

AFRICANGLOBE - Sam Cooke was a groundbreaking singer/songwriter/producer and entrepreneur. Fifty years after his death, Cooke is still getting his props. Cooke’s premature death, in December 11, 1964, cut short a brilliant career. He lived only 33 years and was an innovator and a role model.

Race, Stereotypes: Zimbabwe vs North America

AFRICANGLOBE - Once you have lived in the Diaspora for a while your view of the world somewhat changes. You begin to realise that corruption is everywhere and not only an African problem. Within advanced nations they change the wording and try to regulate the manner in which unfair practices are carried out. Therefore corruption is defined as lobbying. Nepotism is called affirmative action, bribery is defined as consultation fees, whilst tribalism is defined as grandfathering/legacy or patronage — take your pick.

Ethiopian Airlines to Launch Flights to Toronto, Canada

Ethiopian Airlines, by far the fastest growing airline in Africa, is pleased to announce new flights from Addis Ababa to Toronto. The first flight...