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East African Countries Move To Phase Out U.S. Dollar As Cross-Border...

AFRICANGLOBE - Conventionally, businesses from the East African Community states involved in cross-border trade use the American Dollar as the medium of exchange. However, this is set to soon change following the operationalisation of an agreement between central banks of the EAC member states to promote trade using the various local currencies as opposed to the Dollar. This will see the gradual phasing out of the American currency as the common currency in cross-border trade in the region.

Nigeria Launches UNEDEP To Promote Self Employment Among Graduates

AFRICANGLOBE - All over the world, entrepreneurship has been identified as the major driver of economic growth and development… The success of many economies can be traced to entrepreneurs who started small and then grew to become multinationals

Capitalising From Regional Economic Integration in Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The success of one nation depends on the success of its neighbours. It happened in Asia, now we are seeing this in the Eastern African region. The Eastern African region is a region with robust growth leading to a 'New Normal' for Africa.

South Africa: Explosive Strikes, a Ticking Time Bomb

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's largest trade union movement, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) has warned that strikes in South Africa remain a ticking time bomb needing to be addressed urgently. Strikes were commonplace in South Africa in 2012 with the most explosive being in key sectors like mining, agriculture, and the transport industry.

China’s Aggressive Expansion into Africa Continues With China Daily Newspaper

AFRICANGLOBE - China’s largest English newspaper, China Daily, launched an African edition, continuing a trend of Chinese media expansion into Africa. The trend follows...

U.S., Nigeria Trade Hit $38.5 Billion in 2011

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States and Nigeria's trade volume has been valued at $38.5 billion for 2011, with nearly 12 percent increase from 2010,...

Obama Administration Announces Campaign to Encourage Investment in Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama sent his acting Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank to Africa to announce his administration’s new “Doing Business in Africa” campaign, which...

Trade Among African Countries Essential to Sustainable Growth

AFRICANGLOBE - Marking Africa Industrialization Day, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today flagged the role that trade among African countries play in achieving sustainable, inclusive and equitable growth...

Africa’s Commercial Strength Threatened By Eurozone

AFRICANGLOBE - The arrival of new trading partners has boosted African economies and not just in the oil and minerals sector. But the World...

Trade Barriers Cost Africa U.S.$20 Billions Yearly

African states including the East African Community (EAC) member states have been urged to dismantle trade barriers in a move that would enable them...

Regional Trade Key to African Food Security

The World Bank is urging African countries to strengthen regional food trade, suggesting that food security could be greatly enhanced simply by allowing farmers...

Bank Set to Pour Investment Into Africa

Standard Chartered is looking to consolidate its emerging markets dominance by pouring $100m into Africa by 2015. The London-headquartered bank says it can double...

Russia and Zimbabwe Meet to Conclude Trade Deals

Mineral-rich Zimbabwe has concluded a trade deal with Russia, in a bid to stimulate trade and economic interaction with the emerging economy and also...

America’s Bipartisan Effort to Target African Markets

The U.S. has lagged behind countries such as Brazil and China in its commercial engagement with Africa, just when American markets need it most. It...

Ethiopia Charts a Chinese Course

The death of Ethiopia's leader of 21 years has raised fears of instability in one of Africa's fastest-growing non-oil producing nations, which could potentially...

Nigeria: World’s Largest Oil & Gas Free Trade Zone Generates $6b...

Nigerian Minister of Trade and Investment,  Olusegun Aganga disclosed yesterday, at the Oil & Gas Trade and Investment Forum 2012 in Onne, Rivers State...