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China Opens Railway Technology Institution In Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - In an effort to foster capacity development in Africa’s second largest economy, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) has launched a railway...

Idi Amin Was No Killer

The Rev. Fr. Captain Joseph Kalyabe, 91, the assistant parish priest of Mulajje Catholic Church in Uganda's Luwero district, served as chaplain in the...

Can Singapore Help Drive Africa’s Growth?

Doing what they do best, Singaporean companies and government institutions are bringing training and commercial opportunities to their 
African partners. "You would be surprised how...

Sikh Temple Killer’s Army Base Loaded White Supremacists

When Wisconsin temple gunman Wade Michael Page arrived at Fort Bragg in 1995, the sprawling Army base in North Carolina already was home to...

Saab to Invest in Gripen Fighter Weapon School in South Africa

Saab is to invest in an advanced training centre for experienced fighter pilots initially from Gripen countries and its user air forces, at Air...

Uganda Hosts African Army Commanders

African military chiefs Wednesday visited the UPDF Peace Support Operations Centre in Singo and witnessed the Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers undergoing training...

Florida Police Nabs White Supremacists Planning “Race War”

Ten alleged members of a White supremacist group training near Orlando and Disney World for a "race war" have been rounded up in a series of arrests...

Kenya Full Steam Ahead to Sustainable Energy

There is clean energy in the ground in Kenya - a lot of it - and Kenya has already moved to start tapping the...

Secret South African White Power Group Denies Racism

White supremacist paramilitary group Kommandokorps denied on Monday that its paramilitary camps indoctrinated youths against Black people. "No utterances of hate speech are ever made....

Non-Black Businesses Discriminate Against Dark Skin Workers in Jamaica

A hundred and seventy-seven years after slavery was abolished in the British West Indies, Jamaica's national training agency - HEART Trust - still has to deal with colour-prejudiced employers who are requesting that trainees be brown or light-skinned as a prerequisite for employment in their firms.

More Pilots Needed in Africa

African aviation authorities have admitted to a serious shortage of qualified personnel amid projections that the world would need over a million pilots and maintenance staff in the next 20 years.

A Secret Army of Mercenaries for the Middle East and North...

This secret army of mercenaries, which is slated to be used not only in the Emirates but throughout the Middle East and North Africa, was created by Erik Prince, a former member of Navy SEALS who in 1997 founded Blackwater