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Africa Is The Next Travel Frontier

AFRICANGLOBE - We can’t underestimate the potential of the African travel market. The growth of the Africa market has already been seen in Africa - it is now for the rest of the other continents to catch on recognizing that Africa truly is the next frontier.

All Roads Lead To Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is the second most populous continent and not too long ago we were told there were now more than 1 billion of us living together on this patch of earth. The biggest global misconception about the continent, though, is that we are almost universally poverty-stricken. For now, that perception may not be a bad thing, as it gives us a head start in the race for a bigger slice of Africa’s disposable income.

Ethiopia, Top Travel Destination For 2014 – Rough Guides

AFRICANGLOBE - Rough Guides, one of the premier travel publishers, announced Ethiopia as its number one choice for international tourist destination for the year 2014. In its top ten global destinations for the year, the publisher named Ethiopia as top of the list citing its rich culture "this culturally rich east African nation has always been an enticing destination".

Rwanda Removes Visa Requirements for Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - The International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) has lauded Rwanda following its move to issue entry visas to nationals from all African...

South Africa Still Among Top Business Destinations

South Africa remains among the top 15 'long-haul' business events destinations in the world and is the premier business events destination in Africa, says...