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Newly Released Body Cam Video Shows Milwaukee Cops Gunning Down Teen...

AFRICANGLOBE - Jerry Smith Jr is a Black Milwaukee teen who was unarmed when he was shot by police. Jerry Smith Jr. was shot by Milwaukee Police in August of 2017 while unarmed. Smith, who was holding only a cell phone, is seen spreading his arms and going to the ground when police opened fire in a newly released body camera video.

Its His Fault: Alabama Cops New Explanation For Shooting Wrong Man

AFRICANGLOBE - Alabama police say a Black man mistaken for an active shooter during a mall shooting had "heightened the sense of threat" by drawing his own firearm after shots rang out. Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr, 21, had "brandished a gun" as police responded to Thursday's incident at the shopping centre near Birmingham, they said. Police initially said Mr Bradford, a US Army veteran, was the gunman, before backtracking on Friday. Police initially said Mr Bradford, a US Army veteran, was the gunman, before backtracking on Friday.

Is The FBI Underreporting The Surge In Hate Crimes?

AFRICANGLOBE - The FBI has released it’s 2017 hate crimes statistics which revealed a 17 percent increase in incidents since 2016. In 2017 there were 8,493 victims and 6,307 known offenders. By comparison there were 7,509 victims and 5,727 known offenders in 2016, according to the data.

Student Who Wore KKK Uniform To Class Was Not Trying Says...

AFRICANGL;OBE - A Missouri school has suspended the teacher of a student who wore a Ku Klux Klan outfit to class but insists that the student was not acting “in a discriminatory way” because it was part of a group project.

South Africa To Invest $1bn In South Sudan’s Oil Sector

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan's oil minister says South Africa will invest $1 billion into the war-torn country's oil sector in what would be the largest investment in the east African country's history. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth confirmed Friday's signing of the memorandum of understanding with South Africa's energy minister, Jeff Radebe. Radebe tells state broadcaster SABC that both countries would benefit.

Sudan’s Suakin Island Reveal Turkey’s Second Military Base In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Necessary studies were carried out for the establishment of the Turkish military base on the island and the planned location was chosen. The TSK is expected to form a base on the island as a naval base, including land and air.

Wrong Man Killed By Alabama Police In Mall Shooting

AFRICANGLOBE - Police responding to a shooting at a mall in Alabama apparently shot and killed the wrong person — a Black man — leaving the suspected gunman at large following a violent episode that wounded two others on Thanksgiving night.

Michelle Williams Defends Husband Over “Insensitive” Comments

AFRICANGLOBE - Michelle Williams has defended her fiancé after he made an insensitive comment and about her mental health and got angry when she brought up the topic of race. The Destiny’s Child member is engaged to pastor Chad Johnson, who is white, and has opened up their relationship to viewers as part of a reality show. Now, the singer has called on viewers not to judge her husband-to-be from a soundbite after he attracted criticism from viewers.

The Fidel Castro That Black People Know – MUST READ ARTICLE

AFRICANGLOBE - This is a must read for those unfortunate souls who believe the media lies about Fidel Castro. Many people are unaware of the link between the Italian mafia and the Cubans in Miami who used to control the island's economy and why they are so bitter. This is a very informative article that tells you what Cuba was like before the Cuban Revolution and the connection between Castro and Black America. Read, enjoy and share.

Veterans Day Free Meals Are Not For Black Vets

AFRICANGLOBE - Chili's Grill and Bar advertised free Veterans Day meals for service members. But not for Black U.S. Army veteran Ernest Walker and his service dog. For his free meal on Veterans Day, Ernest Walker picked the Chili’s Grill and Bar in Cedar Hill tells Dallas News. The 47-year-old sat at a table and ordered a burger while his service dog waited by his side. In a widely shared Facebook post we can find out what happened next:

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man Kicked In Head, Has Car Stolen As Mob...

AFRICANGLOBE - A shocking video of a white man being beaten by a group of Black youths while witnesses shout, “You voted Trump,” and, “Don’t vote Trump,” has been posted online. The disturbing footage shows the man lying on the ground, struggling to get up as he is repeatedly punched and kicked in the head.

Things You Don’t See Black People Doing After The Election Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - On an average day you cannot convince most Black people to take their own progress or survival seriously, things such as sports, clubbing, twerking, snapchatting, swirling and the mannequin challenge were just far too important to worry about than Black empowerment, gentrification, police brutality or survival, but today is not an average day.

The Horrifying Moment White Settlers Force Black Man Into Coffin And...

AFRICANGLOBE - In the 20-second clip, shot on a mobile phone, a white male – thought to be a farmer – is seen dropping a large stick in order to cram a clearly petrified Black man into the wooden casket, ordering him to ‘get in, I want to throw some petrol.’ As a second male, holding the camera, is heard threatening to ‘put a snake’ in with the young man who struggles and squeals in terror as a lid is closed on him.

‘If Democracy Was A Poison, Many Are Excited To See America...

AFRICANGLOBE - There is a consensus that the US election exposed the rotten underbelly of American society. Like Britons who voted Brexit largely because of prejudice against the ‘other’, Americans too are mainstreaming hate and prejudice as an ideology of power. And they are callously ethnic. Just listen to the rhetoric. It’s “pitchforks and torches time”, says Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke, who previously called the #BlackLivesMatter crowd “the enemy”. But there’s a positive side to this upheaval. America may be awakening to itself. People can see its endemic corrosion. At the very least, having some self-awareness is better than not having any.

With $87.5 Million — Kevin Hart Was The Highest Paid Comedian...

AFRICANGLOBE - For the very first time in several years, Forbes' annual list of celebrity money-makers has a new comedian topping the list. For years, Jerry Seinfeld topped the list. But for the first time since 2006, a new name is at the top: Kevin Hart. What makes Kevin the top-earning comedian?

This Louisiana Senate Race Has Prostitutes, A KKK Imperial Wizard And...

AFRICANGLOBE - With an open seat, two dozen candidates, prostitution allegations and a white supremacist contender, the only sure thing in Louisiana's U.S. Senate race seems to be that it won't be decided Nov. 8 when most of the nation's political contests are settled.