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For Every Michael Dunn Guilty Verdict, A George Zimmerman Goes Free

AFRICANGLOBE - This is a season in which we are witnessing the senseless murder of Black people by White hands, hands that occupy a privileged White space. This is a season in which the victimhood of White killers – their implied innocence – is accepted or taken as given. This verdict in Florida on Wednesday afternoon tips towards a promise that justice is truly blind. But justice in America is fickle.

Bill Maher: Only White Conservatives Think Racism is Over In the...

AFRICANGLOBE - On Friday Bill Maher dispensed with the notion that having a Black president means that racism is over in this country, asking if any of his White guests have ever been followed around in a department store or otherwise racially profiled.

The Whole System Failed Trayvon Martin

Is there anyplace safe enough, or any cargo innocent enough, for a Black man in this country to carry? Trayvon Martin was where he was supposed to be — in a gated community — carrying candy and a canned drink. The whole system failed Martin. What prevents it from failing my children, or yours?