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Trumpism And White Tribalism Must Not Be Allowed To Prevail

AFRICANGLOBE - White tribalism, profit, comfort and ease at the expense of non-White people of the earth cannot prevail. On the eve of the new Trump era of leadership, danger lurks. Emboldened by Trump’s win and a series of stunning other victories in recent elections by the “alt-right,” tea party, conservative and ultra-conservative movements, in this country and in Europe, white tribalists are openly advocating the most dangerous ideas since the days of Wisconsin Sen. Joe McCarthy in the 1950s.

Don’t Call Us Tribes: Neo-Liberal Thinking and the Problem of Politicised...

AFRICANGLOBE - In insisting on referring to Africa's ethnic groups as 'tribes' and publishing the idea that the continent's woes have their origins in the tribalism of its leadership and its peoples, we collaborate in a degrading and demeaning description of Africans

Namibia Struggles For Unity to the Delight of Its Enemies

Namibia has tried to promote national unity and contain the scourge of tribalism, but it hasn't quite succeeded. Top positions in government and in...