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Africa Is About To Launch A Cairo-To-Cape Town Free Trade Area...

AFRICANGLOBE - The world is just about to get a free trade area that's bigger, by population, than either the European Union or NAFTA. It's got nothing to do with the much-publicised Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). In fact, you've probably never heard of it.

Africa-Wide Free Trade Area Becoming A Reality

AFRICANGLOBE - Three regional economic communities in Africa are expected to sign an agreement in 2014 to establish an enlarged market covering 26 countries in eastern and southern Africa. The "Grand" or Tripartite Free Trade Area with a combined population of some 600 million people and a Gross Domestic Product of about US$1 trillion covers half of the member states of the African Union and is intended to boost intra-regional trade, increase investment and promote the development of cross-regional infrastructure.

Intra-African Trade 'A Matter of Urgency'

The recently launched agreement for the establishment of the Tripartite Free Trade Area has made it more urgent to promote intra-Africa trade, and that should be at the top of the continent's economic agenda.