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Zimbabwe: What Does 2015 Hold

AFRICANGLOBE - In Zimbabwe the coming year holds fascinating promise. I estimate that up to $20 billion in various projects ranging from steel manufacture, to base metal and precious metal production on a large scale as well as major investment in agriculture and infrastructure and tourism ($3.5 billion in the Victoria Falls alone) are simply waiting for the right signals from Harare.

Zimbabwe’s Golden Opportunity

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe is emerging from years of a myriad of challenges mainly caused by illegal sanctions imposed by Western countries as punishment for embarking on the land reform programme. No one would have imagined that after so many years of being persecuted by Western countries and being deliberately segregated against, the country would survive the onslaught and still stand up as a powerful member of Sadc and the African Union.

Zimbabwe Issues Ultimatum to Foreign Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's Secretary for Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment George Magosvongwe told the country's parliament on Thursday that the government was in the process of identifying Zimbabweans to take over ownership the businesses seized from foreigners.