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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man Kicked In Head, Has Car Stolen As Mob...

AFRICANGLOBE - A shocking video of a white man being beaten by a group of Black youths while witnesses shout, “You voted Trump,” and, “Don’t vote Trump,” has been posted online. The disturbing footage shows the man lying on the ground, struggling to get up as he is repeatedly punched and kicked in the head.

Trump Supporter Busted Posing As Black Woman On Twitter To Win...

AFRICANGLOBE - In case you haven’t noticed, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has a serious problem with Black voters — in fact, some polls have found that more than 90% of Black voters have an unfavorable opinion of him. Because of this, it’s not surprising that at least one Trump fan has come up with a wacky gambit to win over minority voters by impersonating a young Black woman on Twitter using the account handle, “BlackGirl4Trump.”