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Out Of The Shadows: White Supremacy Flourishing In Trump Era

AFRICANGLOBE - Race relations in the United States, especially in the South, are plagued by troubling examples of the challenges that face the nation. Forty-two percent of Americans said that they personally worry a “great deal” about race relations in the United States, up seven percentage points from 2016 and a record high in the Gallup’s 17-year trend. These high-profile incidents, often sensationalized by mainstream media, overshadow the more pervasive forms of racism that exist in local politics, businesses and schools.

White Supremacist Violence Surged Since Trump Took Office – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - A new analysis of data pertaining to global terrorism finds that violent acts motivated by white supremacist political beliefs have far outpaced any other type of domestic extremism. Over the past decade, attackers motivated by white supremacist political ideologies have committed dozens of shootings, bombings and other acts of violence, far more than any other category of domestic extremist.

What’s Wrong With America?

AFRICANGLOBE - A bloody weekend in America followed a week of suspense, during which bombs were intercepted in the mail. By Sunday evening, 13 Americans had been killed, several injured, a string of assassinations-by-mail averted, and three white Americans were in custody awaiting trial.

Andrew And Stacey – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - In order to win a political election, you have to have a sound political plan. The candidates that you love were all wonderful people who could have been pretty good public servants but they were campaign dunces!

Free Coffee, Photo Opportunities And Negro Leaders – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Politicians of all political persuasions and perspectives, at some time during the early stages of their terms in office, invite Negroes to visit them and sit around a table to enjoy a cup of coffee and smile for a traditional photograph! Democrats do it. Republicans do it. Liberals do it. Conservatives do it. When the Negro leaders leave the White House the state house, the City Hall or the County administrative offices they return to their states, counties, cities and homes with nothing but false promises, bad dreams and shattered hopes of better days to come!

New England Patriot Martellus Bennett Will Not Visit Trump White House

AFRICANGLOBE - New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick may be all palsy walsy with President Trump, but tight end Martellus Bennett says he will skip the customary visit with the president that Superbowl champions usually make. Bennett has been vocal in his opposition to Trump and Trumpism.

Donald Trump And The Second Coming Of White Supremacy

AFRICANGLOBE - Attempting to recreate and impose a misplaced post-Darwinism imagination on the rest of the world is beyond naïve. In today’s global power matrix, it is a risk that the US dare not assume will be met passively. Because it won’t. The world beyond the United States has moved on and the centrality of the United States as the axis of global power has plummeted probably beyond repair. Like Great Britain before, their era of invincible imperial domination has ended. However, like a macabre scene, the decapitated chicken runs dead with its head off causing chaos and bloodletting in its wake particularly for those who do not know that it is dead yet.

Things You Don’t See Black People Doing After The Election Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - On an average day you cannot convince most Black people to take their own progress or survival seriously, things such as sports, clubbing, twerking, snapchatting, swirling and the mannequin challenge were just far too important to worry about than Black empowerment, gentrification, police brutality or survival, but today is not an average day.

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Qualifies For Louisiana Senate TV...

AFRICANGLOBE - Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke received enough public support to secure a seat in Louisiana’s televised senate debate – which is to be held at a historically black university. Duke managed to scrape by the 5 percent minimum to qualify for the debate with 5.1 percent of support from a nationwide Mason-Dixon poll.

They Say Trump Couldn’t Win — The Polls Tell A Different...

AFRICANGLOBE - Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leads her Republican rival Donald Trump in the presidential campaign this Labor Day Weekend, but their dramatic race is tightening and set to intensify after the holiday.

It Makes No Sense Asking White Politicians About A ‘Black Agenda’

AFRICANGLOBE - Sadly, shamefully, and sinfully, we are living in these so-called ‘United States of America’ whereby people – especially African-Americans –are still raising the question to politicians and political parties, “What about the Black Agenda?” Why Ask? Why do we keep raising this question every election cycle to people who don’t really care about the Black Agenda? To be blunt about it, it’s stupid, insane, and irrational.