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The Alt-Right Movement And America’s “Weimar Moment”

AFRICANGLOBE - The alt-right has given new vitality to white supremacism, which is not an idea but a racist ideology, and thus cannot simply be treated with counter-arguments. Once it is regarded as a political position — to be countered with rational argument — it has already implicitly been accorded a rational status. The white supremacist does not simply have an incorrect, distorted view of reality – he has a distorted view of himself.

White High School Students Turn Their Back On Black Basketball Team

AFRICANGLOBE - A recent incident at a Missouri High School basketball game continued to provoke outrage Thursday on social media. Earlier this week, students dressed as farmers were caught on camera turning their backs to the visiting Warrensburg High School men’s basketball team before tip-off. One student is seen holding up a Donald Trump campaign sign.

Dating Donald Trump – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - America’s 2016 voters were just like the people that surf the internet dating sites. They were looking for someone to love, looking in all of the wrong places! I believe the love affair between the President Elect and the people that voted for him will one day end in divorce! Don’t worry, once the people discover who they voted for they will desire to make a change. Once people realize they have been politically pimped, they will seek to choose a different political Mack.

How Jews Became White — And May Become Nonwhite Under Trump

AFRICANGLOBE - My parents were born in 1914, in an America that looked eerily like what Donald Trump seeks to re-create today. They grew up in the ’20s and ’30s, during the Great Depression, in a period when racism, anti-Semitism and anti-immigrant eugenic beliefs were widespread. Nativism and the belief that Northern and Western Europeans form an innately superior race were mainstream ideas. The masses of Jews and other Southern and Eastern European immigrants who became the foot soldiers of America’s industrial revolution were despised as lesser, not-quite-white races.

Asian Church Vandalized With Swastikas In California

AFRICANGLOBE - A Korean Presbyterian church in the city of Buena Park, California has been vandalized with swastikas and German phrases in an apparent hate crime. On Saturday morning members of the True Light Christian Church arrived at their place of worship to find that vandals had tagged the building with nazi symbols and other messages such as “toxic love” and “my honor” written in German.

Man Charged With Hate Crime After Black Man Is Robbed And...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Richmond man has been charged with a hate crime and murder in the death of an African American man found beaten and shot on an El Sobrante road near a pool hall where investigators believe he was attacked. Daniel Porter-Kelly, 31, who is white, was arrested Nov. 16 and is being held without bail at the Martinez Detention Facility, according to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office.

Black Kids Attacked And Beaten By White Thugs Who Told Them...

AFRICANGLOBE - An 8-year-old African American boy was hospitalized after bullies attacked him and his younger sister. Jordan Jackson was defending his 4-year-old sister from a group of older children — all of whom were white, and one of whom was 13 — who were throwing mulch at them. When Jordan asked the kids to stop, one of the kids told him, “You need to go back to the cotton farm.” He was then pushed to the ground and body slammed.

Proposed New Bill Would Charge Protesters With “Economic Terrorism”

AFRICANGLOBE - Rather than working to abolish some of the thousands of illogical, irrational laws in the United States one legislator dreamed up yet another means to give us a criminal record — “economic terrorism.” Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen has prepared a bill for next year’s legislative session that would create a new crime of economic terrorism,” the senator’s website states. “The measure would allow felony prosecution of those who intentionally break the law in an attempt to intimidate or coerce private citizens or the government by obstructing economic activity.”

Are We Seeing A Repeat Of Redemption, The Post-Civil War White...

AFRICANGLOBE - Black folks are you scared yet? You should be. During his presidential campaign Donald Trump promised to “take care of our African-American people” and now Trump is following through in his own special way. In all, this moment feels like a 21st-century version of the Redemption era — the period of white backlash and terrorism against Black people immediately after Reconstruction that put an end to the freedoms and democratic gains that followed the end of the Civil War.

11 Reasons Why Jeff Sessions Should Never Be Attorney General

AFRICANGLOBE - During his decade as a federal prosecutor in Alabama — a state with an dark history of racism and voter suppression — Jeff Sessions embarked on a witch hunt targeting civil rights workers who were registering elderly Black voters and helping them get absentee ballots. He unsuccessfully charged three organizers, including a former aide to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with so many counts of voter fraud that they would have served 100 year sentences if convicted.

Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Scare Me

AFRICANGLOBE - As a Black man living in these United States, a Donald Trump presidency doesn’t scare me. Why? Well, that’s because he represents something that every Republican and Democratic candidate for the last 43 years of my life has represented to me — zero tangible change. This election has shown more Black people who believed that “racism was over,” that the only difference between white conservatives and white liberals, is the volume in which they speak-but those votes spoke loud enough. The fact is, they both want the same thing, which is to preserve their privilege.

Donald Trump Won, But White Supremacy Won’t Win Forever

AFRICANGLOBE - Donald Trump was able to tap into the angst that too many Whites felt during the Obama presidency, and he was able to win the presidency in the name of White solidarity and White supremacy. It seems incongruous that a rich, privileged, urban businessman should become the voice of the working class disgruntled, the rural neglected (Trump got 62 percent of the rural vote), and White women. But this is the new reality, the triumph of white privilege and hate rhetoric.

Black America Don’t Worry About Trump – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - No matter who is President, African Americans will always have to depend on themselves! We have to make our own money, generate our own revenue and create our own job opportunities. We have to police and protect our own neighborhoods. We have to educate our own youth and others in our communities that seek knowledge and wisdom. We have to make our own decisions about our community. We have to control the politics in our community and abandon fake leaders that are merely puppets of the Democratic and Republican Parties.