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Remembering Steve Biko, Through His Own Words

AFRICANGLOBE - Steve Biko once wrote, "I write what I like." The founder of South Africa's Black Consciousness Movement, he was also one of the students that launched the South African Students' Organisation (SASO); Biko belonged to a generation that resisted apartheid, in any manner that they could.

South Africa Considers Parole For Apartheid Era Death Squad Leader Who...

AFRICANGLOBE - Eugene de Kock, 65, was arrested in 1994 on an array of charges from murder to kidnapping related to his time as commander of a notorious police unit based at the Vlakplaas farm near Pretoria. The site became synonymous with the killing and torture of Africans in an underground war against African political activists.

Africa Must Learn From Its Past

AFRICANGLOBE - The demand that states confront their past isn’t new. In the aftermath of World War II, successor regimes across Europe held trials of Nazi collaborators. Truth commissions followed a wave of democratic transitions in El Salvador, Chile, Ecuad

Proof South Africa’s Apartheid Government Developed Germs To Kill Blacks Only

A South African scientist has told the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that the White apartheid government considered trying to develop a bacteria which would kill only Africans. Mr Goosen said that an unknown European scientist claimed to have developed a strain of bacteria in the early 1980s "capable of killing pigmented people".

America Needs a Truth Commission On Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - Today, America is simmering in racial injustice. Inner city ghettos cannot contain growing discontent. Mass incarceration has not made Black people disappear. Police harassment has increased racial tensions. Selecting a handful of Blacks for special treatment, while disregarding millions, has failed. Divide and conquer has run its course.