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The Truth About Self-Esteem

AFRICANGLOBE - As you wander through your day and casually catch your reflection, there can be only two possible reactions: Either you love what you see or you don’t. Self-esteem has always been an extremely sensitive topic that is usually discussed with a sugarcoated approach

Who Needs The Truth When Spin Is Much More Profitable?

As I watch the political machinations of extremists of every stripe in this country, it occurred to me that maybe I should write a...

Sojourner Truth: Slavery Abolitionist And Women’s Suffragist

AFRICANGLOBE - The exact date of her birth was not recorded. We only know that in the year 1797, among Dutch immigrants settled in the region now known as Ulster County, New York, an African child was born on the estate of Colonel Johannes Hardenbergh. One of 13 children born to Elizabeth and James Baumfree, she was given the name Isabella Baumfree. As the story goes, this name gave her no hint of her mission so years later she renamed herself Sojourner Truth. Her life was a testament to this mission as a truth-teller.

Troy Davis; Executing the Truth

The rejection of the clemency appeal of death row inmate Troy Davis by the Georgia Parole Board has set a new low for America's Biased criminal justice system. The denial of Mr. Davis’ appeal is a clear case of vengeance by a Board lacking courage to set the record straight.

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter: Speaking the Truth to Black Youths

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter went where few Black leaders have gone by speaking truth about the critical state of Black youth in America.

12 Reasons Why Africans Are Poor, Miserable And Pitiable (7Of12)

AFRICANGLOBE - Albert Einstein who is acknowledged as one of the brainiest men that ever lived on the surface of the earth once said that the average human uses less than 10 per cent of the brain God has given to him. Whether out of a sense of modesty or he was seriously speaking the truth, he said further that even he himself (who had such a high reputation for accomplishing much with his brain) did not use more than that 10 percent. If this assertion is correct and if other races use less than 10 per cent of their installed capacity for production, I can safely say that we Black people use less than one per cent of our installed brain capacity for reasoning, inventing and producing things.