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Fighting Erupts Among Arab Invaders in Malian Town of Gao

AFRICANGLOBE - Al-Qaeda-linked fighters have gathered reinforcements in the tense Gao region of northeastern Mali and are waiting to see if the Tuareg rebels...

Mali: Terrorists and Uncertainty Flourish in North

There's been no peace in northern Mali since Tuareg rebels took control of the area and declared independence earlier this year. Radical Arab fighters...

Timbuktu: From Fabled African City to Arab Militant Stronghold

When turban-swathed Tuareg rebels swept into Timbuktu to plant their flag in newly conquered northern Mali, they found very few tourists in the bars,...

Tuareg Nomads Capture Mali Garrison Town

Arab Tuareg rebels seeking to carve out a desert homeland in Mali's north have taken control of the key garrison town of Tessalit following...

Arab Nomads Attack Another African Country

Tuareg rebels clashed with Malian troops Thursday as they attacked a town in the north of the country, after last week's first major offensive in three years, the bandits said. "We attacked Anderamboukane this morning... The Malian army is facing us," said Moussa Salam, a spokesman for the Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA) which is demanding autonomy for the nomadic desert tribe.