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Mali Imposes National Military Service Amid Threat From Arab And Tuareg...

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali is to introduce compulsory national military service for men and women aged 18 to 35, the government announced, after clashes between northern Tuareg separatists and the army last month.

Mali’s Prime Minister Declares War Against Tuareg Terrorists

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali's prime minister, Moussa Mara, has said his country is now "at war" with Tuareg terrorists, following a battle between government forces and members of the nomadic terrorist group that killed at least 36 people, the defence ministry said.

Tuareg Terrorists In Mali Ends Ceasefire Vows Continued Attack

AFRICANGLOBE - An ethnic Tuareg terrorist group in Mali has said it is ending a ceasefire agreed with the government in June. It comes a day after clashes between Malian troops and Tuareg hooligans who prevented a visit by Prime Minister Oumar Tatam Ly to the town of Kidal.