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Violence Continue In Northern Mali As Africans Fight Back

AFRICANGLOBE - Gunmen on motorbikes killed more than 40 Tuareg civilians this week in north Mali, where clashes over land and scarce water are common, an official said. The violence compounds an already dire security situation in the desert region used by jihadist groups to launch attacks in Mali and across West Africa. 

Mali’s Tuareg And Arab Problem – Is Peace Without Victory Possible?

AFFRICANGLOBE - 15 May 2015 marked the official signing of the long awaited peace and reconciliation agreement between Mali's government and the Arab and Tuareg rebel groups. These are the same groups who in 2012 took up arms against the central state in a rebellion, claiming an independent northern territory called 'Azawad.'

Fresh Tribal Clashes Kill 7 In Southern Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - Seven people were killed and 23 others injured in fresh tribal clashes between African and Tuareg nomads in Libya's southwestern town of Ubari, a medical official said Tuesday.

Ethnic Politics Now Shaping Events in Northern Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethnic politics continue to be significant in events in northern Mali, with militant groups appealing to ethnic fears to gain support. As Mali...

Northern Mali – Don’t Forget the Ethnic Dimension

While ethnicity is not a key driver of the current conflict in northern Mali, there is a real danger violence could become organised along...

Drug Money, Corruption and jihadists Pushed Mali Into Crisis

What has happened to Mali? Ancient tombs desecrated in Timbuktu, political paralysis in the capital and the 70-year old transitional president beaten almost to...

Mali: Timbuktu – the End of Tourism?

Mali's crisis may have ruinous long-term effects on the socio-economic prospects of one of the world's most fabled cities. Northern Mali is no stranger to...

The Sad Decline of Mali

Drug money, corruption and jihadists have pushed one of Africa's most admired democracies into crisis. What has happened to Mali? Ancient tombs desecrated in Timbuktu,...

’s Military Mosaic and Political Perdition

Soldiers dominate Bamako's political scene but they are no match for the few hundred Arab secessionist rebels in the north. Negotiations seem to be the...

Arab Attack on Mali Also Threatens Neighbouring Niger

In the weeks since a sudden Arab invasion split Mali in two, officials in neighbouring Niger have been desperate to stop the invasion from...

Islamists, Al-Qaeda Impose Sharia Law In Northern Mali

Islamists gained ground in northern Mali, jostling with Tuareg rebels for control of the vast desert region as the troubled nation's military rulers faced...

Malian Military Deposes Weak and Incompetent President for Failing to Stop...

Former Malian President Amadou Toumani Touré, overthrown this morning by mutinous soldiers, said recently that tackling recalcitrant Arab Tuareg rebels in the north is...

Mauritania Denies Helping Arab Rebels in Mali

Mauritania dispatched its top diplomat to neighbouring Mali to counter media reports that it was backing Arab rebels fighting for independence in the desert...

Tuareg Nomads Capture Mali Garrison Town

Arab Tuareg rebels seeking to carve out a desert homeland in Mali's north have taken control of the key garrison town of Tessalit following...

Heavy Fighting in North Mali, Casualties Reported

Heavy casualties have been reported in clashes between Malian forces and Tuareg nomads near the northern town of Tessalit in the past two days,...

Malian Refugees Say Arab Rebels Poisoned Water Points, Burned Homes

The United Nations refugee agency said today it is stepping up the delivery of aid to people affected by the outbreak of conflict in...