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Fmr FBI Agent Releases New Info About B.I.G.’s Murder That Could...

AFRICANGLOBE - Former head of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, Philip Carson was tasked as the lead investigator in the death of Wallace. Carson said he was very close to exposing Wallace’s killer(s) but his bosses at the FBI shut down his investigation due to pressure from the LAPD. Carson held this information secret until he retired two years ago and took 3,000 pages of the murder case documents with him to begin telling his story.

White Supremacy Meets “Black Male Rage”: Why Tupac’s Needed More Today...

AFRICANGLOBE - Tupac articulated Black male rage in a way that was authentic, relatable, and easily translated to a nation determined to kill us. When he rapped, his vocal strain came directly from the gut, where he held his pain. He spoke with his entire body and you could damn near see the fury and anger pulsating just underneath his skin.