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Niger’s President Backs Intervention in Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - The crisis in northern Mali could enter a new chapter this week. Malian officials are expected to meet with delegations from two...

African Nations Call for Permanent Seat on U.N. Security Council

African ministers at the United Nations General Assembly has called for expanding the Security Council to include permanent representation for their continent and stressed...

Mali Becoming Terrorism Safe Haven Says UN Chief

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon warned on Wednesday that Mali was becoming a safe haven for Arab “terrorist and criminal” groups as West African...

U.N. Security Council Against The Idea Of A Haitian Army

AFRICANGLOBE - Haiti's national police force is the best body for providing security in this poor nation and the government should concentrate on building up the force, a senior U.S. diplomat said on Thursday.

U.N. Security Council Visits Haiti to Assess Security

A U.N. Security Council delegation arrived in Haiti on Monday for a four-day visit to assess security needs before a decision over reducing the...

How The U.S., U.K., and France Destroyed The U.N. Security Council

Tuesday both Russia and China vetoed United Nations sanctions against Syria, intended to punish President Bashar al Assad's government for its violent crackdown against civilians in the uprising that's claimed a reported nearly 3,000 lives.