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U.S. Army Apologizes, Removes ‘Negro’ As Acceptable Term For Black Soldiers

AFRICANGLOBE - The U.S. Army has backtracked with an apology after approving the term "Negro" as an acceptable reference for Black service members. The decision comes two days after the dated term was found listed as an acceptable classification for "a person having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa" in section 6-2 of the Army's AR 600-20 regulations.

Natural Hair Advocates Take On The U.S. Army

AFRICANGLOBE - The US Army has recently updated grooming standards with the alleged aim of ensuring uniformity among troops. But in doing so it banned a number of natural hairstyles popular with Black women, complicating life for up to one-quarter of female soldiers, and triggering a backlash on Capitol Hill.

Black Lawmakers Ask Army To Reconsider New Hairstyle Rule

AFRICANGLOBE - During slavery and for generations after, hair texture, along with skin complexion, was used to classify which enslaved Blacks were more valuable, given jobs in the captors' house rather than the field, and — by default — deemed beautiful. Straighter hair, lighter skin and features that looked White were considered preferred traits. Those values were internalized and perpetuated within the Black community for years in a way that was particularly damaging to the self-esteem of Black women

Black Soldiers Criticize Army’s New Hairstyle Rules As Racially Biased

AFRICANGLOBE - The U.S. Army is facing criticism for its new appearance and grooming regulations, which some soldiers say unfairly target Black women's hair.