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Black Economic Empowerment: Program Aims To Train Black Business Owners

AFRICANGLOBE - Cathy Hughes went from sleeping on the floor of her radio station as a struggling single mother to the ownership of the largest Black-owned broadcast company in the U.S. and the first publicly traded company owned by an African-American woman.

Are You Mad Enough At Donald Sterling To Support Black-Owned Businesses?

AFRICANGLOBE - Racism, bigotry, discrimination and personal animus seem to be - after all these years -- beyond our control. Our money, however, is entirely within our control. If you don't like racism, don't finance it. If you don't appreciate being discriminated against, don't finance it. If you don't like stupidity, don't finance it either. After all, money talks and you-know-what walks. You can take that to the bank. A Black-owned bank, please.