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Chess Genius Phiona Mutesi ‘The Ultimate Underdog’

AFRICANGLOBE - She grew up in one of the poorest spots on earth. She couldn't read or write. As a child, she scrounged for...

Britain and America Target DR Congo – A Must Red Article

AFRICANGLOBE - What is happening in eastern DR Congo is not a civil war, but continuation of a 16-year aggression by the country's two...

Uganda Holds Somalia Hostage in High-Stakes Diplomacy

AFRICANGLOBE - Anxious to cover up its illicit involvement in neighbouring DRC’s on-going rebellion, Uganda has played its trump card: threatening to pull its...

Angered Ugandan Official Vows to Reintroduce Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Uganda's speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has vowed to ensure that a proposed bill to outlaw homosexuality will be passed by the House soon. Kadaga said...

Ugandan Contigent of Amison Overruns Al-Shabaab Hideout

The Uganda contingent of the African Union forces in Somalia has raided an al-Shabaab hideout in the thickets of Albao, 20km north-west of Mogadishu,...

East Africa’s Energy Boom

Gas discoveries in Mozambique and Tanzania, and rising estimates for oil in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Puntland, are attracting global energy companies to east...

Total To Invest $650m On Ugandan Oil Wells

Following the acquisition of a third of the Ugandan oil blocks belonging to British explorer Tullow Oil, Total plans to expend $650 million on...

Ugandans Hiding Sh400 Billion in Swiss Banks

Wealthy Ugandans have close to sh400 billion stashed away in secret Swiss bank accounts, according to a report released by the Swiss National Bank...

The Raping and Pillaging of Eastern Congo

The profits and riches to be gained from exploitation of Eastern Congo's natural resources continue to propel violence, pillage and the suffering of the...

Ugandan Economy Set to Grow even Faster – IMF

Economic growth in Uganda is likely to strengthen significantly next year as inflation eases, allowing the authorities to relax monetary policy, the International Monetary...

A New Frontier – the Rush for Oil and Gas in...

When you stand on the island of Rukwanzi at the heart of Lake Albert, your first thought, echoing perhaps the casual rhetoric of the...

Oil Field Tax Saga Rolls On In Uganda

The complicated row over tax involving lucrative oil fields in Uganda took another twist last week after Heritage Oil begun arbitration proceedings in London against the Ugandan government.