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Israel Targets Senegal Over UN Security Council Vote

AFRICANGLOBE - Senegal become the first African country to incur Israel’s wrath over the December 23 UN Security Council vote, after Tel Aviv announced it was cutting aid and cancelled a planned visit by Senegalese Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye. This marks the first diplomatic face-off between the two countries since they renewed relations three decades ago.

Protests Continue In Haiti Against UN-Backed Dictator

AFRICANGLOBE - Anti-government demonstrators again took to the streets of the capital to demand the resignation of President Martelly, accusing him of trying to be a dictator and dragging his feet on elections. Mr Martelly denies the accusations.

‘Time for African Seats On UN Security Council’

AFRICANGLOBE - South African International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane has called on the United Nations to give Africa a minimum of two permanent seats on the body's Security Council.

UN Mali Mandate Inches Closer

AFRICANGLOBE - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is about to unveil his report on the planned military mission to Mali, which the Security Council...

UN Deploys Attack Helicopters Against M23 Rebels in Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - The UN Security Council, meeting in an emergency session on Saturday, strongly condemned the latest attacks by the M23 rebel group, which...

Mali: Military Intervention Looms, But Not Soon

The planned west African intervention force in Mali is not expected to be there before the end of the year, despite the UN Security...

UN Approve Preliminary Resolution for Military Intervention in Mali

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution to give West African countries and the African regional bodies 45 days to offer a...

African Nations Call for Permanent Seat on U.N. Security Council

African ministers at the United Nations General Assembly has called for expanding the Security Council to include permanent representation for their continent and stressed...

Mali: UN Takes Up Intervention Plan On Mali

The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday began to debate a plan to deploy West African peacekeeping troops to tackle the six-month Arab insurgency...

Renewed Calls for ‘Steep’ Sanctions On Sudan Over Abyei

South Sudan said it is time the international community imposes "steep sanctions" on Sudan for its "deliberate" failure to comply with a Security Council resolution calling for an end to hostilities and the immediate withdrawal of troops from Abyei.

African Govts Call for Permanent African Seat On UN Security Council

West African countries today called for enlarging the 15-member UN Security Council to give their continent its due representation on the United Nations body whose decisions are legally binding, as opposed to the recommendations issued by the 193-member General Assembly.