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New Unemployment Numbers Encouraging…Unless You’re Black

AFRICANGLOBE - Does a rising tide lift all boats, as President Obama once said? The economy is improving, and that’s a good thing, right? It depends on who you’re asking. While the economy is moving ahead, Blacks are being left behind.

The 15 Most Miserable Economies In The World

AFRICANGLOBE - Inflation is a disease that can wreck a society, Milton Friedman, the late Nobel laureate economist, once said. Add rising unemployment to the diagnosis, and his profession ascribes a rather non-technical term to the debilitating effect on people: misery.

How Black Middle-Class Kids Become Poor Adults

AFRICANGLOBE - “Even Black Americans who make it to the middle class are likely to see their kids fall down the ladder, seven out of 10 Black children who are born to families with income that falls in the middle quintile of the income spectrum will find themselves with income that's one to two quintiles below their parents' during their own adulthood".

For Black Men Its A Permanent Recession

AFRICANGLOBE - Six years after America sank into the deepest economic downturn since the 1930s, the jobless rate has fallen to 5.9 percent, the lowest since July 2008. But one demographic group — African-American men — seems to be stuck in a permanent recession.

Black Unemployment Rate Increases

AFRICANGLOBE - The Black unemployment rate climbed from 10.7 percent in June to 11.4 percent in July, an increased attributed to more African Americans looking for work

Searching For An Answer Behind Black America’s High Unemployment Rate

AFRICANGLOBE - The so-called recovery of the US economy has not been equally kind to everyone. Even as the unemployment rate has remained steady at 6.3% last month, the unemployment rate for African Americans, coming in at 11.5%, is currently more than twice as high as that for White Americans.

More Than Half Of Black College Graduates Underemployed

AFRICANGLOBE - In a new study, the Center for Economic Policy and Research finds that recent Black college grads (aged 22-27) have an unemployment rate of 12.4 percent. That's over double the number for college grads in the same demographic and it's nearly a threefold increase from pre-Recession levels in 2007.

Unemployment For Black Americans Drops To Lowest Level Since November 2008

AFRICANGLOBE - The unemployment rate for African-Americans is the lowest it's been during the Obama presidency, falling to 11.6 percent in April. The latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Friday not only show a decrease of 0.8 percent in the Black unemployment rate.

Underemployment Rate For Black Workers Is 20.5 Percent – Urban League

AFRICANGLOBE - While unemployment has been a major impediment to African-Americans’ economic progress, underemployment is a bigger obstacle for them than it is for Whites or Hispanics, the National Urban League says in its latest State of Black America report.

Black Women Hit Hardest By Income Inequality

AFRICANGLOBE - Income inequality has hit Black women the hardest. Their 2013 median income was $25,000, and for the past year their unemployment rate has oscillated between 11 and 12 percent. As much as many in the right wing cry reverse racism to the point of delusion, institutionalized racism limits the economic opportunities available to African-American women.

The Colour Of Slavery In Saudi Arabia

AFRICANGLOBE - The scene of the beaten and bloodied foreign workers in Riyadh, the vast majority of them Africans, recalls the graphic public beating of Alem Dechessa on the streets of Beirut in March 2012. Dechessa committed suicide shortly after, and her death brought to life - for the first time - mainstream attention to the enslavement of Ethiopian domestic workers not just in Lebanon, but throughout the Arab world.

Black Unemployment Drops to 12.6 Percent, Lowest in a Year

AFRICANGLOBE - While U.S. employers added 162,000 jobs in July, the lowest number since March, it still led to a drop in the overall unemployment rate to a four-year low of 7.4 percent—and a decline in black unemployment from 13.7 to 12.6 percent, a low for the year.

Black Unemployment Rate Rose in June to 13.7 Percent

AFRICANGLOBE - The African-American unemployment rate rose from 13.5 percent in May to 13.7 percent in June, according to figures released by the U.S. Labor Department. The national unemployment rate held steady at 7.6 percent.

Blacks Still Suffering in Spite of Economic Recovery

AFRICANGLOBE - Although the overall unemployment rate still exceeds 7 percent, and the official Black unemployment rate is greater than 13 percent, there are some who insist that there is a robust economic recovery in progress.

Black Unemployment Rises as Economy Adds 175,000 Jobs

AFRICANGLOBE - Though the U.S. economy added 175,000 jobs last month, which was more than many economists were expecting, the national unemployment rate and the Black unemployment rate still rose in May.

Poll: Black People are Happy – A Must Read

AFRICANGLOBE - You might think African-Americans might be more pessimistic about their lives. The housing crisis decimated pockets of Black wealth. The Black unemployment rate has been nearly double the national average for several years. But according to findings from a recent survey of African-American, you would be wrong.