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Africa: Are Minimum Wages Desirable?

AFRICANGLOBE - Economists are divided. Some argue that a minimum wage will make workers too expensive and unemployment and destitution will rise. Others argue that higher pay scales will not only curb poverty but will boost consumption; and the benefits of an increased disposable income will extend more widely to salaried workers and their dependents.

Black Women Face Grim Unemployment Statistics

AFRICANGLOBE - Unemployment rates are falling for nearly every group of Americans -- except for Black women. About 10.6 percent of adult African-American women age 20 or older are unemployed, unchanged from a year ago, according to Friday’s jobs report from the Labor Department.

It’s the Consumer, Stupid, Who Will Lead Us Out of This...

AFRICANGLOBE - This economy is poised for another difficult period of economic upheaval. Blacks are finding themselves facing difficult headwinds as our unemployment rates turn upward. While the national unemployment rate for Blacks in February remained at 13.8% overall, there are ominous state unemployment rates lurking behind the national numbers that should bother us.

Unemployment Rate Still Disheartening for African-Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - The nation’s overall unemployment rate has slipped to its lowest number in four years, but finding jobs continues to be a struggle...

Report: Black Unemployment More Widespread Than Previously Thought

High rates of Black unemployment have spread beyond the Midwestern rustbelt states that were home to dismal rates of employment before the recession, says a new report from the Economic Policy Institute.