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Secession Petition Gets Enough Signatures to Force White House Response

Ah, the beauty of America, a country where the Obama White House created an online process to petition the government for changes—and where residents...

South Africa: A Tale of Two Worlds – Sun City and...

In a few weeks, the platinum industry's leading lights will be at one of the industry's biggest conferences not very far from Marikana. Planned...

Marikana Massacre Marks The End Of South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Settlement?

AFRICANGLOBE - The killing of 34 striking miners by police at the Marikana mine in South Africa last Friday is a tragedy that touches more than just the families and communities of the dead. It also highlights the failure of post-apartheid South Africa to improve the lives of a majority of its citizens.

South Sudan Demands Withdrawal of Sudanese Army From Abyei

South Sudan said Tuesday that it would not accept Sudan placing conditions on its withdrawal from the contested region of Abyei, or any action...

Abdoulaye Wade a Fraudulent Pan-Africanist

Abdoulaye Wade is 85 years old. Or is it 86? Or 87? Who Knows? He is bidding for a third term as the president...

Slow But Steady Steps to Recovery for Somalia’s Capital

Surveying Somalia's war-torn and dangerous capital from his office, the commander of the African Union force here Fred Mugisha is optimistic: "98 percent of Mogadishu is free." Assessments are relative. That day a double explosion hit the city: hand grenades were hurled close to UN offices, and another blast killed at least six people near a camp for the thousands displaced by drought and famine.

Al-Shabab Terrorists Driven out of Mogadishu by African Union Troops

Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab rebels were driven out out of key positions in the war-torn and famine-struck capital of Somalia on Saturday, with the country's president proclaiming the city "fully liberated."

The EU and America's Illegal Sanctions on Zimbabwe: White Economic Warfare

Sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by America and the European Union are an act of aggression. Much like war which causes monumental developmental and humanitarian damages sanctions have wrecked havoc on the life of ordinary Zimbabweans.

Prison Slave Labor in America

America has long been an incarceration state whose penal system is a direct descendant of Black chattel slavery. The system is swiftly returning to its roots with innovations on extraction of free labor, with probationers put to work on Georgia farms and prisoners substituted for union labor in Wisconsin.