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A New Burst of Energy in Africa’s Industrial Activity

With 12% of the world's oil reserves, 40% of its gold, about 90% of its chromium and platinum, 60% of its arable land and more, Africa should do better at tackling poverty. Instead, it concentrates on exporting raw materials and importing consumer goods, hindering the ripple effect that value addition to commodities should have in the economy.

Africa Can Industrialise Massively On Basis of Commodities

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa has the potential to become an industrial hub and benefit directly from its abundant raw materials as other global economies continue to experience hard times.

Upcoming Economic Report on Africa to Highlight Ethiopian Industries

First Consult is conducting a survey on Ethiopia's leather and coffee sectors which will be used as an input for the United Nations, African...

Africa’s Era of Youth Unemployment

The latest African Economic Outlook paints a promising picture for the continent, but crucially, it also warns that the scourge of youth unemployment will...

World Leaders to Gather in Ethiopia for World Economic Forum on...

More than 700 leaders from business, government, civil society, academia, media and the arts from over 70 countries will meet at the 22nd World...

Illegal Money Transfers Hurting Africa’s Growth

Experts say that the increasing trends of illicit financial flows are posing a great threat to Africa's economic growth as they pump back more...

Ethiopia’s Economic Growth Gains Momentum

Ethiopia says that the double-digit economic growth the country has experienced over the last seven years has started benefitting its majority by boosting their...