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Lynching In The United States. Violent History Of National Oppression

AFRICANGLOBE - Following the war, whites reacted violently to the notion that they would now have to treat their former human property as equals and pay for their labor. Plantation owners attacked Black people simply for claiming their freedom. In May 1866, in Memphis, Tennessee, forty-six African Americans were killed; ninety-one houses, four churches, and twelve schools were burned to the ground; at least five women were raped; and many Black people fled the city permanently.”

Detroit: Largest Bankruptcy Trial in U.S. History Ends

AFRICANGLOBE - Federal Judge Stephen Rhodes heard closing arguments in the largest municipal bankruptcy trial in United States history on November 8. The City of Detroit being unjustly represented by the law firm of the imposed emergency manager Kevyn Orr, Jones Day, attempted to make a case for forcing the majority African American municipality into insolvency where pensioners may get as little as sixteen cents on the dollar.