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Midterm Elections Demonstrate Failure Of Democrats To Address Black Issues

AFRICANGLOBE - The fundamental question is: what do African Americans really have to vote for? There are depression-era conditions prevailing in cities such as Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Jackson and Ferguson where the people have given political voice on the degree of the oppressive conditions. African Americans are being systematically denied economic opportunities, basic civil and human rights as well as being channeled into the prison-industrial-complex utilizing racist police forces, unjust courts and dysfunctional educational systems.

Republicans Bringing Back the Politics Of Racism

In 1990, Harvey Gant, the African American Democratic nominee for Senate, was on the verge of defeating one of the most notorious opponents of...

U.S. Senate Calls On Sudan to Allow Immediate Humanitarian Access to...

In unanimously passing a bipartisan resolution Thursday night, the United States Senate has demanded that the government of Sudan allow immediate and unrestricted humanitarian...