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Stay Of Execution Denied For Texas Inmate

AFRICANGLOBE - A federal appeals court on Tuesday turned down a request for a stay of execution from a Texas inmate hours before he was scheduled to die.

Supreme Court Delivers Blow To Civil Rights Sixty Years After Brown...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 6-2 decision by the United States Supreme Court on April 23 upheld a 2006 vote in the state of Michigan which placed a ban on affirmative action. The so-called “Michigan Civil Rights Initiative” was in actuality a reversal of the very legal and political principles which guided the movement for equality from the 1950s through the 1970s.

When A Black Man Has No Rights

AFRICANGLOBE - “A Black man has no rights which the White man is bound to respect.” — Sup. Ct. C.J. Roger Taney, Dred Scott Decision, 1857. On March 6, 1857, Chief Justice Roger Taney and the Supreme Court put into words what America had been putting into practice for centuries.

Black America and Obama: The Cost of Silence

If the African-American community is to elevate itself from the depths of social anguish an extraordinary transformation must occur. This people must transition from the status of jubilant but uncritical Obama admirers to a class of constituents, which holds its admiration for this individual, subordinate to its concern for the welfare of the group.