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Happy Birthday Malcolm X!

AFRICANGLOBE - Today (May 19), Black Nationalist leader Malcolm X would have celebrated his 89th birthday. Born Malcolm Little in 1925 in Nebraska, Malcolm X went on to become one of the greatest figures in the Nation of Islam and modern history.

Marcus Garvey, The African Union And The African Diaspora

AFRICANGLOBE - Finally, while we dare not try to dictate to African heads of state what they should or should not do, we want them to know that we would like to work with Africans on the continent.

Haircare Products Affects The Ability Of Black Women To Have Children...

AFRICANGLOBE - Very little if any media attention or research has looked at the possible connections between African American beauty salons, the personal care products utilized primarily by Black women and adverse health outcomes, specifically in the area of reproductive health. But that has begun to change.

Marcus Garvey

AFRICANGLOBE - Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican-born black nationalist founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) created a 'Back to Africa' movement in the United States. He became an inspirational figure for later Civil/Human rights activists including Malcolm X who's father Earl Little, a Baptist preacher worked with Marcus Garvey before he was murdered by white supremacists.