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Kenyan Student Develop Software To Manage Urban Parking

AFRICANGLOBE - A university student has invented a computer system to map and monitor parking lots. The software informs motorists about the availability of parking space in the city. Patrick Waweru, a computer student at the University of Nairobi, said the system uses sensors placed on the streets that detect if a vehicle is parked in a particular area.

‘Fab Lab’ Igniting A Revolution In Kenya

AFRICANGLOBE - The University of Nairobi’s Science and Technology Park is banking on 3-D prototyping to spark a manufacturing revolution in the country. This is the 3D MakerBot printer in action. The machine is a scanner that prints three-dimensional objects of almost any shape from electronic data -- using plastic as its raw material. This drastically reduces costs.

Tapping Africa’s Scientific Potential

AFRICANGLOBE - When John Mwero looks at charred sugar cane ash he sees sturdy bridges, soaring skyscrapers and stable roads. His work with The Regional Initiative in Science and Education (RISE), which supports promising science and engineering students pursuing advanced degrees in Africa.