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Meet 10-Year-Old Math Genius Esther Okade, Already Killing It At University

AFRICANGLOBE - Ten-year-old Esther Okade, one of UK's youngest students from Nigeria, has been accepted to start her maths degree at the Open University. Esther, who enrolled three weeks ago, is already top of her class, scoring 100 per cent in a recent test.

Zimbabwe Opposition Split Engineered In The West

AFRICANGLOBE - Nkrumah said “the only good imperialist is a dead one”! Thus the West will never be democratic and respect African human rights. Speaking on local media last Friday, British Ambassador to Zimbabwe Deborah Bronnert explained why Britain imposed the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe. She proudly indicated that it was because of lack of human rights and good governance.

Obama Effigy Torched By Right Wing U.K. University Students

An effigy of Barack Obama is said to have been torched by members of the Conservative Student Association at St Andrews University in the U.K. The statue of the US President is said to have been set alight during a meeting at the weekend, sparking outrage from local MPs and the Scottish University.