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The Presidential Election And The Threat Of White Supremacist Violence

AFRICANGLOBE - It is a terrible feeling to sense a threat coming, and know that many are abetting it by promoting the man who propels it. It is worse when the threat reveals itself to be real, yet complacency remains, and you do not know whether this reaction is rooted in apathy or cowardice. A phenomenon is taking place all over the Western world, as demagogic white nationalists rise, elites falsely predict their loss or play down the ramifications of their win, and hate crimes explode once victory is achieved, as witnessed in post-Brexit UK. It was all predictable, but now there is no clear organized process to stop it.

How Donald Trump Could Win America’s Presidency — And Why!

AFRICANGLOBE - Scarcely eight months ago, some influential Democrats were delighted by signs of Donald Trump’s success. The strategy was clear. See off Bernie Sanders, veer right, target “moderate” Republicans and wait for the landslide. But what if this is all horribly complacent? What if Democrats and their supporters have misjudged the situation and are in for a rude awakening?

Maybe America Deserves Donald Trump

AFRICANGLOBE - So what if Donald Trump wins the race for presidency of the United States next November? He won’t be the first fool to occupy the highest office in the most powerful country on earth. Nor will he be the stupidest president ever.