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Why USAID Is Shifting Maternal Health Funds Toward Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The US Agency for International Developmentannounced today that 26 countries have done so well at achieving maternal and child health goals that they’re...

A Caribbean Obsession: The United States’ Endless Campaign To Destabilize Cuba

AFRICANGLOBE - The recent revelations about the USAID’s farfetched scheme to foster a popular anti-government protest movement by infiltrating Cuba’s mobile phone network perhaps bring full circle America’s 55-year campaign to destroy the Cuban Revolution.

USAID Funds In Haiti Still Unaccounted For

AFRICANGLOBE - From what is known of U.S. post-earthquake funding to Haiti, it appears that a notably small proportion of money from USAID, the county’s main foreign aid arm, is going directly to local Haitian businesses, institutions and organisations. Even though the United States offered three billion dollars in aid for Haiti after the earthquake, less than one percent of the 1.3 billion dollars in obligated USAID funds – money designated specifically for Haitian recovery efforts – has gone directly to local Haitian groups.

European Union, United States Plot to Discredit Zimbabwe Elections Exposed

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Union, Britain and the US government have been heavily funding efforts to discredit the forthcoming harmonised elections, documents in our possession reveal. Our investigations show that the United States Department of State has been making huge deposits into quasi-political groups masquerading as NGOs to prop up the MDC-T campaign