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Antigua PM Slams ‘Weak-Minded’ Caribbean Leaders For Meeting With Trump

AFRICANGLOBE - Jamaica's Prime Minister Andrew Holness and four other Caribbean heads of government have been branded as “weak-minded” by the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, over their decision to accept an invitation to meet with United States President Donald Trump last Friday.

How The U.S. Is Destroying Haiti As It Attempts Regime Change...

AFRICANGLOBE - From the first fires of Haiti’s revolution, Western countries — from France to the United States — have attempted to destroy the Haitian republic. In 1804, France forced Haiti to agree to pay it $21 billion for the “theft” of enslaved Africans and others. It took Haiti till 1947 to pay off this odious, disgusting debt. France has never apologized for it. Nor has Citibank, which made billions off the payments. Neither France nor Citibank has considered replaying the inhumane plunder.

U.S. Pressuring Venezuela… But Remains Silent On Haiti

AFRICANGLOBE - There’s a nation that saw violent unrest, looting and anti-government protests over the past days, but don’t think of Venezuela. This is Haiti, a country that received no mention from the US except for a vague travel warning.

Letter To The People Of The United States: “Venezuela Is Not...

AFRICANGLOBE - In a disproportionate action, the government of Obama has issued a “National Emergency” declaring Venezuela as a threat to its national security. This unilateral and aggressive measure taken by the United States Government against our country is not only unfounded and in violation of basic principles of sovereignty and self-determination under international law, but also has been unanimously rejected by all 33 nations of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States

Events In Venezuela Could Affect Haiti’s Economic Growth – IMF

AFRICANGLOBE - The International Monetary Fund says Haiti’s dependence on remittances and its increasing vulnerability to developments in Venezuela could affect the French-speaking Caribbean Community’s economic growth in 2014.

U.S. Inciting Civil War In Venezuela To Get Its Oil –...

AFRICANGLOBE - Washington is pushing Venezuela towards a “civil war” because it wants access to the country’s rich oil reserves, Bolivian President Evo Morales has warned. The Venezuelan government has also accused the U.S. of fomenting a coup d’état.

Venezuela: Classic Clash Between Right, Left

AFRICANGLOBE - The current protests in Venezuela are reminiscent of another historical moment when street protests were used by right-wing politicians as a tactic to overthrow the elected government.

We Salute a Great Freedom Fighter – Comandante Hugo Chavez Frias

AFRICANGLOBE - Revolutionaries throughout the Americas and the Caribbean owe a great debt to Hugo Chavez. His selfless struggle for the advancement of the masses of poor and oppressed in Venezuela – and throughout the Americas and the Caribbean – occupied him 24/7. Like so many before him, he was not given a breathing space.

New York Times Describes 2002 US-Backed Coup Against Hugo Chavez as...

AFRICANGLOBE - In an editorial published Thursday, the New York Times provided a somewhat measured assessment of the career of Venezuela’s recently deceased president, Hugo Chavez, while rooting its attitude firmly in US imperialist interests.

Haitian President Says Aid From Venezuela Having a Big Impact

Haitian President Michel Martelly says aid and fuel shipments from Venezuela are having a big impact in the Caribbean country as it attempts to recover from the devastation of its 2010 earthquake.