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Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Destroys Her Competition to Win Womens 100m Final

Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce became the first woman since 1996 to repeat as Olympic champion in the 100 meters, winning in 10.75 seconds to retain...

Tension Rises as Egypt Awaits Presidential Election Results

Egypt's election authority is preparing to announce the result of last weekend's presidential run-off vote. The panel of judges has begun announcing its decisions on...

Both Sides Claiming Victory in Egyptian Election

A campaign spokesman for the former Egyptian prime minister says Ahmed Shafik has won the Egyptian presidential election, countering the Muslim Brotherhood's claims that...

Senegal’s Wade Should Abandon His Third Term Bid

Abdoulaye Wade had been a veteran opposition leader, proving a thorn in the sides of the people he eventually succeeded as president of Senegal:...

Kenyan Troops Al-Shabaab Out of Two Somali Towns

Kenyan forces have taken over two al Shabaab controlled towns after Kenyan airstrikes left the towns of Hosingo and Badade, in Southern Somalia, under...

Gaddafi Vows 'Victory Or Death'

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi vowed to resist the rebels with all his might until "victory or death" after rebels forced him to abandon his Tripoli stronghold

Rebels' Advance Into Tripoli – Opening Pandora's Tinderbox?

Since the start of NATO's military involvement in Libya, the conflict has been riddled with contradictory reports concerning the viability of the rebels as a coherent political and military body

Cape Verde Election Shows Nation's Political Maturity

The opposition candidate for the Movement for Democracy (MFD) party, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, swept to victory on Sunday in Cape Verde's presidential runoff election, defeating the ruling party African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde's (PAIVC) candidate, Manuel Inocencio Sousa.

Detroit’s Catherine Ferguson Academy to Become Private Owned Charter School

On June 16, in the face of growing anger and popular opposition to the closure of Catherine Ferguson Academy (CFA), the Detroit political establishment announced that the school would be transformed into a for-profit charter school.