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America’s Last Black Mayors

AFRICANGLOBE - Vincent Gray will likely be remembered as the last Black mayor of Washington, D.C. This is a very difficult reality for many longtime Black Washingtonians who’ve warily watched the transformation unfold. Washington, D.C., always stood out among Black America’s prized cultural possessions.

Homosexual Activists Bully Donnie McClurkin

The Machiavellian tactics of the homosexual activists is clearly seen here. They speak tolerance and acceptance, yet they attack, bully, and punish those with whom they disagree. Donnie McClurkin is the worst nightmare of the Gay agenda. The insistence of the gay agenda to ignore psychiatrists who factually state, there is no homosexual or lesbian gene, thus those who are trapped in the lifestyle, is due to a flawed orientation, not genealogy.

What Exactly Is A Living Wage

AFRICANGLOBE - Workers at fast food restaurants recently demonstrated outside their places of work, highlighting the low wages they receive and demanding more. They say twice as much, or $15 an hour, will provide them with a living wage.

Corruption Scandal Threatens to Implicate Washington Mayor Vincent Gray

In recent days, residents of the nation’s capital have viewed the rapidly unfolding details of a massive campaign fraud that potentially runs all the...