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The Real Deal On Race and Crime

Since Hanson and Cohen and many of their White brethren insist on judging all Black males by the actions of young Black male criminals, I am compelled to judge them by the reality that nearly all of the most violent sexual psychopathic killers and mass murderers are White males.

Federal Judge Says ‘Blacks and Hispanics are Predisposed to Crime

AFRICANGLOBE - A coalition of civil rights organizations has filed a judicial misconduct complaint against a right-wing federal judge for discriminatory comments she allegedly made during a speech, including that some racial groups were predisposed to violent crime.

The Case for Closing Liquor Stores

AFRICANGLOBE - Violent crime has intractable causes like poverty, drugs and guns. But one cause -- the number of businesses selling booze in a neighborhood -- could be directly controlled. Should it be? Liquor stores attract violent crime the way honey attracts flies.