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Intra-African Trade Is Possible, But…

AFRICANGLOBE - This explains the reason why intra-African trade is currently difficult. We all have plenty of raw materials but we have no industries to process them. For decades, Ghana and Ivory Coast have been the leading producers of cocoa. Yet, as we continue to ship this precious material to the world market, no steps have been taken to establish the industries that will process the cocoa right here in Africa.

East African Aviation Chiefs Push Regional Tourist Visa

Civil aviation authorities from the East African Community (EAC) member states want the bloc to expedite the introduction and implementation of a common passport...

East Africa Eyes Regional Visa

Kenya is prepared to move tourism a notch higher to beat international competitors, says a senior government official.

Ugandan Airline Operators Wants Govt to Abolish Visa Fees for Tourist

Uganda may continue to struggle to grow it tourism sector as long as it remains expensive to tourists. Speaking during a meeting in Kampala yesterday the Association of Uganda Airline operators asked the government to scrap visa fees for tourists so as to grow tourist numbers.

Nigerian Govt Denies Ex-U.S. Ambassador, Campbell, Visa

Damian Agwu, the Director of Public Communications at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, said on Monday Campbell "Did not meet the requirements for an entry visa. If he had met the requirements, he would have been granted a visa."