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After Wrongly Purging Citizens, Florida Agrees to Let Them Vote

In a partial victory for voter rights and immigrant groups, Florida residents who were mistakenly removed from the voter rolls this year because the...

Court Rejects New Texas Voter ID Law

A tough Texas law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls discriminates against low-income Blacks and Hispanics, a federal court ruled Thursday,...

Judge Refuses To Block Pa. Voter ID Law

A judge's decision Wednesday to uphold the new Pennsylvania voter identification law shifted attention to the state's highest court, which could now determine if...

Study: Voter ID Law Disproportionately Hurts African-Americans

The controversial Pennsylvania law requiring residents to have valid photo ID in order to vote would disproportionately disenfranchise African-American and Latino voters in Philadelphia,...

Texas GOP: Repeal The Voting Rights Act

The Texas Republican Party has released its official platform for 2012, and the repeal of the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965 is one...

Democrats Pursuing Protections for Voting Rights

Democrats said Thursday they are planning a major effort to protect voting rights in the 2012 election after several states passed voter identification laws and restrictions on early voting and same day registration.

Polls Close in Liberia’s Presidential Runoff Marred By Poor Voter Turnout

Most polling stations across Liberia closed after 10 hours of voting in a presidential runoff which saw a general low voter turnout and the process taking place in a calm but tense atmosphere as a result of an opposition boycott and a brutal clash between the police and supporters of the CDC culminating in the death of five opposition CDC members.