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After 34 Years, Walter Rodney’s Assassination In Guyana Now Under Review

AFRICANGLOBE - Just after 8pm on June 13, 1980, Walter Rodney was assassinated by a bomb hidden in a walkie-talkie at the height of his political activism. Rodney was a bright light in a Guyana trying to navigate its way through political chaos, and his assassination ushered in a dark time for those who hoped to bring about grassroots social transformation in Guyana, and throughout the Caribbean.

Uncovering The Truth Of Walter Rodney’s ‘Assassination’

AFRICANGLOBE - Walter Rodney, author of seminal texts The Groundings With My Brothers and How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, was killed in what is being called a ‘suspected assassination’ in Georgetown, Guyana on June 13, 1980, when an explosive device concealed in a walkie-talkie radio went off.

How Africans Underdeveloped Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - We must tell ourselves the bitter truth that what happened in the past belonged to the past and those who are still thinking of the past are wasting the present and would therefore have no future. Currently, Africans are the cause of Africa’s underdevelopment.