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The Flint Water Crisis Just Claimed Its Youngest Victim

AFRICANGLOBE - The funeral for one of the youngest victims of Legionnaires’ disease was held Sunday in Flint, Michigan. Jassmine McBride, only 30 years old, contracted the deadly lung disease at the height of the Flint water crisis in 2014 “It’s almost five years since the water switch, when our government decided to switch from the Detroit water source to the Flint River, yet none of the issues which are affecting our health have been addressed. Now people are starting to pass away, and we ask who will be next?”

The Supreme Court Just Cited The Black Codes In Ruling Against...

AFRICANGLOBE - Kevin Thompson, a Black teenager, was unlawfully jailed for five days because he couldn’t afford to pay more than $800 to a court that sought to raise revenue for DeKalb County. Black single mothers are jailed for up to 57 days and separated from their children because they cannot pay exorbitant fines to the courts of Lexington County. Hundreds of thousands of people, disproportionately Black, are harmed by North Carolina’s revocation of driver’s licenses simply for inability to pay court debt.

White Supremacists And The Police… A Love Affair

AFRICANGLOBE - The apparently cozy relationship between an Oregon police lieutenant and the leader of a right-wing group has renewed unanswered questions about the infiltration of police departments by white supremacists.

Barack Obama Talks Down To Black People, Again!

AFRICANGLOBE - At an Obama “Tax Evading” Foundation (because that is what foundations in the U.S are – they are untaxable), the former U.S president made the following comments: “If you are really confident about your financial situation, you probably are not going to be wearing an eight pound chain around your neck because you know ‘Oh, I got bank.’

Man Arrested For ‘Laughing While Black’ — Then Forced To Clean...

AFRICANGLOBE - An Ohio city agreed to pay $80,000 to settle a First Amendment lawsuit filed by a Black man who said police took him into custody for laughing at officers — and made up claims about him to justify the arrest.

DISTURBING VIDEO Shows NYPD Thugs Ripping 1yo Baby From Mother’s Arms

AFRICANGLOBE - Disturbing eyewitness footage of a group of NYPD police officers wrestling an infant child away from his mother on the floor of a benefits office in New York as sparked outrage online and among city politicians.

NYPD Thug Cops Caught Planting Evidence

AFRICANGLOBE - As we've discussed many times before the problem with police is not just a question of individual personal bigotry. It's that police are systemically directed and employed disproportionately against Black men. The NYPD still has arrest and ticket quotas to meet. If a cop doesn't meet these quotas he doesn't get promoted. He doesn't get plum assignments or overtime. There are a million and one ways that the command structure can mess with a cop thought to be insufficiently productive or aggressive.

Kenya Bans Clinic Founded By Racist Eugenicist Marie Stopes From Performing...

AFRICANGLOBE - The authorities in Kenya have banned a group of clinics founded by racist eugenicists Marie Stopes from offering any form of abortion services in the country. The Medical Practitioners Board says it made the decision after investigating complaints that the group's adverts were promoting abortion.

Systematic Racism Caused Flint Water Crisis – Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The horrific Flint water crisis where lead contaminated the majority-Black city’s water system in 2014 was the result of systemic racism, according to a recently released report from the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.

A Closer Look At The Police Officers Who Kill

AFRICANGLOBE - To start, male officers, white officers, those working in larger cities and those who are military veterans are more likely than female officers, racial and ethnic minorities, those in smaller communities and non-veterans to fire their service weapon while on duty.

Racist Detroit Cop Calls Citizens ‘Garbage’, Brags About Hitting ‘Kids’

AFRICANGLOBE - A veteran Detroit Police Officer is being investigated for calling residents of the city ‘garbage‘ and for boasting about using physical violence against children. Racist Daniel Wolff made the inflammatory statements on Facebook under an article published on the Motorcity Muckraker website which revealed that a record number of Detroit police now live outside of the city.

The Good Old Days Of White Supremacy Is Today – The...

AFRICANGLOBE - On January 20, 2017, in a lot of ways, African Americans will revisit their past. “Back in the day” will become today! Similar to the period of governmental and legal systems labeled “Jim Crow” (or n*gger laws), it appears Black people in the United States today should consider preparing themselves for increased targeting.

Cops Fired After ‘Joking’ About Using Miami’s Black Neighborhoods As Target...

AFRICANGLOBE - Three police officers were fired after joking in chat logs about using Miami’s Black neighborhoods as a shooting range. "Anyone know of an indoor shooting range in Miami?” one officer asked in a WhatsApp group chat. “Go to model city they have moving targets,” replied Kevin Bergnes. “There’s a range in Overtown on 1 and 11. Moving targets and they don’t charge,” added Miguel Valdes. Overtown is the name of a predominant Black neighborhood, just northwest of downtown Miami. It was originally called Colored Town during the Jim Crow era of the late 19th through the mid-20th century.

In 2016 American Police Went On A Killing Spree

AFRICANGLOBE - While the disturbing trend of officer-involved shootings continued to garner national attention in 2016, the year also saw a rise in police being murdered. Ambushes of cops shook the country, while protests over police brutality continued. In 2016, at least 64 police officers were killed in the line of duty nationwide, according to statistics from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Video Shows White Texas Cop Shooting Unarmed Man In The Back

AFRICANGLOBE - Newly released dashcam footage shows a Fort Worth police officer shooting a man in the back as he walked away. The victim was left a paraplegic. The footage shows the police vehicle driving into a parking lot. A man, David Collie, is seen in the car headlights slowing walking away. The officer is then seen on the left pulling out a gun, and the woman on the right, a sheriff’s deputy, holds up a flashlight.

American Police More Likely To Kill Black People – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - New research from Drexel University released Tuesday acknowledged that racial bias plays a role in police shootings. Dr. James Buehler, the study’s author and sole researcher, concluded that Black people are 2.8 and 1.7 times more likely to lose their lives during encounters with police than White people and Hispanics, respectively.