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WATCH: Cops Surround Unarmed Father Of 3 And Murder Him Execution...

AFRICANGLOBE - Jeffrey Dennis, 36, was gunned down in broad daylight by Nicoletti, a 29-year-veteran assigned to the Narcotics Field Unit of the Philadelphia police department. Police were preparing to serve a search warrant on Dennis’ home over alleged drug dealing when they found him on the road and murdered him.

George H.W. Bush Was A Racist War Criminal

AFRICANGLOBE - The name of Willie Horton should forever be associated with Bush’s 1988 presidential bid. Horton, who was serving a life sentence for murder in Massachusetts — where Bush’s Democratic opponent, Michael Dukakis, was governor —  had fled a weekend furlough program and raped a Maryland woman. A notorious television ad called “Weekend Passes,“released by a political action committee with ties to the Bush campaign, made clear to viewers that Horton was Black and his victim was white.