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Murder Charges Dropped Against Man After Video Showed Cop Shot Himself

AFRICANGLOBE - Police officers shooting themselves and blaming others is not so rare. Earlier this month, news reports across the country ran with headlines about a police officer being shot in New Orleans, LA during an apparent struggle in front of a gas station. That suspect in the shooting, 18-year-old Michael Baker was promptly arrested at the scene and charged with attempted murder of a police officer. The case was open and shut and police had their man — that is until they reviewed the surveillance footage and found that Baker didn’t pull the trigger — the cop did.

Leaving Neverland Director Admits Michael Jackson’s Accusers Were LYING!

AFRICANGLOBE - Filmmaker Reed was forced into an embarrassing U-turn after Michael Jackson's biographer Mike Smallcombe revealed the train station at the singer’s ranch was not built until 1994. In the documentary, accuser James Safechuck claims he was abused from 1988 until 1992 and was molested in a room within the Neverland station.

Cop Who Shot Unarmed Therapist Gets Off Scot-Free

AFRICANGLOBE - The police shooting of Charles Kinsey on July 18, 2016, outraged the nation, as video footage captured Kinsey lying on his back with hands in the air, begging the cops not to shoot his patient who was holding a toy – but a cop shot him anyway. Now, because American citizens have been conditioned to accept rampant police incompetence and violence, the cop who shot him has been acquitted.