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No Charges For Texas Cops Who Paraded Black Man Through The...

AFRICANGLOBE - The two white police officers who led a handcuffed man by a rope from horseback will not face criminal charges over the incident, it has emerged. Images of the August 3 arrest in Galveston, Texas of Donald Neely, a 43-year-old man who relatives say is mentally ill, triggered widespread outrage after they were published. Many of the online commentariat said it evoked images of slavery and racism in the US.

Cops Almost Killed This Man For ‘Fitting The Description’ A Sister...

AFRICANGLOBE- Fitting the description, in the land of the free, is an all too common phrase used by public servants to justify the horrific abuse of innocent people. All too often, the abuse turns deadly, and these innocent people are killed or permanently injured. As the video below illustrates, filming these interactions and telling police they are on video can be the difference between life and death.

This Teen Will Spend The Next 65 Years In Prison For...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Black teen in Alabama will spend the next 65 years of his life behind bars for a murder that was committed by police officers. In 2015, Lakeith Smith, 15 at the time, was allegedly involved in two home break-ins in the town of Millbrook, Alabama, according to WSFA. When Smith and his friend, A’Donte Washington, were confronted by police, the police claimed that Washington, 16, had a gun. Without hesitation, the police shot Washington four times, killing the teenager at the scene. The officer who shot and killed Washington, still unnamed, was not charged because courts ruled that the killing was justified.

Hispanic Cop Who Murdered A Pregnant Pamela Turner Is Back At...

AFRICANGLOBE - Houston-area police Officer Juan Delacruz, who viciously assaulted and murdered Pamela Turner earlier this month, is back on the job but not the streets. Delacruz returned to work at the Baytown Police Department on Monday. He’ll be on administrative duty during the so-called 'investigation' into his shooting murder of 44-year-old Pamela Turner. Delacruz was put on paid leave for three days following the May 13 killing.

White Supremacist Who Murdered Two People At A Kroger Store Will...

AFRICANGLOBE - The man who viciously murdered two Black shoppers at a Louisville, Kentucky, Kroger grocery store last fall has been ruled incompetent to stand trial. In a ruling last Thursday, Jefferson Circuit Judge Annie O’Connell found that Gregory A. Bush is not currently competent to stand trial. Moments before Bush allegedly targeted shoppers at Kroger, he attempted to enter a predominantly Black church.

Cops Already Lying After Officer Is Caught On Video Murdering PREGNANT...

AFRICANGLOBE - Police in Texas appeared to be attempting to control the narrative surrounding the fatal shooting of a Black woman in suburban Houston Monday night. A Baytown Police officer murdered Pamela Turner in a shooting that was recorded on video by a bystander. The video showed the unidentified officer assaulting Turner and using his Taser on her, forcing her to the ground. Turner could be heard yelling, “I’m pregnant!” before the race soldier pulled out his gun and fired at her five times at very close range.

Video Shows Texas Race Soldier MURDERING Unarmed PREGNANT Black Woman

AFRICANGLOBE - A tragedy unfolded Monday night in Houston, Texas when a Baytown race soldier approached a woman, identified by her family as 44-year-old Pamela Turner, and killed her. Turner’s last words before she was shot five times by the thug cop were “I’m pregnant.”

Race Soldier Shoots 14Yo Boy Through Fence As He Played With...

AFRICANGLOBE - Disturbing body camera footage was released this week showing how normal childhood acts can and will lead to Black children being shot by police. Boys being boys is apparently now a reason for deadly force in the land of the free. Lorenzo Clerkley, 14, was playing with his friends two months ago when Oklahoma City police officer Kyle Holcomb put two bullets in him. Lorenzo was playing with friends in an abandoned house and he was also playing with toy guns with his other friends, but this was no reason for a cop to open fire—especially when the cop knew the boys were playing with toy guns.

Race Soldier Viciously Attack Black Woman Slamming Her To The Ground

AFRICANGLOBE - A traffic stop over a $14 vehicle registration sticker led to the arrest of multiple individuals and the brutal body slamming of a 31-year-old woman by a Rio Vista police officer this week. The entire chaotic scenario was captured on video. The incident took place Sunday evening when police stopped a vehicle for an expired registration sticker. The vehicle had four people inside, including the driver, who were all detained by police.

New Video Recorded By Sandra Bland Exposes Lies By Thug Cop...

AFRICANGLOBE - On Monday, a new video recorded by 28-year-old Sandra Bland emerged which proves Texas Officer Brian Encinia was lying when he claimed he ordered the Chicago native out of her car, in 2015, because he feared for his safety. For four years this suppressed video has been hidden from the public by Texas officials. Why are we only seeing this crucial piece of evidence now? Why did Texas officials not disclose this video to Bland’s lawyer, which they had in their possession all along?

Sandra Bland’s Family Cites ‘Cover Up’ After Suppressed Video Released

AFRICANGLOBE - Sandra Bland — who died in jail after being arrested over failure to use her blinker — became the symbol of America’s horrific problems of in-custody deaths over ridiculous arrests. Now, after nearly four years and no indictments, we are learning that Bland filmed her own arrest that fateful day and her video has been suppressed ever since.

Texas Thug Cop Charged With Homicide For Shooting Black Man During...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Texas grand jury indicted a suburban Dallas police officer Wednesday on a charge of criminally negligent homicide for fatally shooting a Black man during a traffic stop last year. The Tarrant County grand jury indicted Arlington Officer Bau Tran eight months after he shot 24-year-old O’Shae Terry in the Dallas suburb.

British Prime Minister Sacks Minister Who Plotted To Invade African Countries

AFRICANGLOBE - British Prime Minister Theresa May has sacked her Secretary of State for Defence who drew up plans to invade Zimbabwe and at least four other African countries -- and wanted war with China -- a UK paper claiming to have had access to a "leaked National Security Document", has reported.

White Thugs Assault Black Man, Sodomizing And Tattooing Racial Slur On...

AFRICANGLOBE - Police in Ocala, Florida, have arrested the third of four suspects wanted for forcibly tattooing a misspelled racial slur on a Black man’s neck. The victim told police that when he woke up, his phone was missing and “his pants were twisted and his ‘butt’ hurt,” according to an arrest report obtained by a local paper. The man “stated he felt like he’d been sodomized.

British Thug Cop Caught On Video Beating Handcuffed Black Teen With...

AFRICANGLOBE - A thug cop caught hitting a handcuffed teenager with a baton in footage circulated online has been placed on restricted duties while the incident is investigated, it has emerged.

Supreme Court Upholds Terrorism Charges Against Local Rapper Over Lyrics

AFRICANGLOBE - Individuals who engage in controversial and unpopular political or artistic expression, by criticizing the police for example, can be labeled terrorists and subject to prosecution and suppression by the government as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to let stand a lower court ruling in Knox v. Pennsylvania.