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‘Apartheid Avenue’ Two Blocks From The White House

AFRICANGLOBE - A segment of 18th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and G Street has been christened “Apartheid Avenue.” To the left of the Street stands the World Bank’s “J” building where Blacks are segregated. To its right sits the bank’s flagship building where Black professionals face glass doors.

The World Bank’s New Shock Doctrine

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the problems with neoliberal economic policy is that it’s tough to get countries to agree to it; especially democratic ones. It has often required quite extreme measures, such as invasion – the classic example being the US-backed coup against Chile’s democratically elected president – or debt bondage and structural adjustment led by the International Monetary Fund.

The World Bank’s Diminishing Role in Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Two recent African events illustrate how much the landscape for development finance has changed — and what role the World Bank will play in the future. In May, the bank’s president, Jim Yong Kim, pledged $1 billion to...

World Bank Projects Five Percent Growth Rate For Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Medium-term growth prospects for Africa remain strong and should be supported by a pick-up in the global economy, still high commodity prices, and increased investment. Since 2000, investment in the region has increased steadily from 15.9 percent of GDP to over 22 percent of GDP in 2012.