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Man Stops To Help Crash Victims, So Cops Detain Him And...

AFRICANGLOBE - Benjamin Davis III was driving to work this week when he watched a car crash in front of him losing control and begin flipping off the road. Being the good person that he is, Davis stopped to help and could very well be the reason the passenger of the vehicle survived.

The Greatest Trick White Supremacy Ever Pulled

AFRICANGLOBE - After comedian Chris Rock made news by posting a selfie of his third time being pulled over by cops in seven weeks...

Genocide Against Blacks By The Brazilian State Denounced At OAS Hearing...

AFRICANGLOBE - Brazil kills 30,000 young people a year, and of these, almost 80% are Black, according to the Map of Violence 2014. The extermination of Black youth was reported on Friday, March 20 in a hearing about rights violations at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington.

Washington’s Al Qaeda Ally Now Leading ISIS In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - The revelations that US ally Abdelhakim Belhadj is now leading ISIS in Libya should come as no surprise to those who have followed US policy in that country, and throughout the region. It illustrates for the umpteenth time that Washington has provided aid and comfort to precisely those forces it claims to be fighting around the world.

Guantanamo In America: Police Torture Center Discovered In Chicago

AFRICANGLOBE - What London’s Guardian reported on Tuesday is shocking, disturbing, yet unsurprising given the scourge of neocon fascist governance in America. Washington’s war on humanity at home and abroad should be a wakeup call for everyone. Wars without end rage against one nation after another.

The Largest Black-Owned Businesses In Atlanta

AFRICANGLOBE - The most recent Census “Survey of Business Owners” (SBO) found that the number of Black-owned businesses increased by triple the rate of the national average among all races. The survey ranked Georgia second only to New York among U.S. states with the most Black-owned businesses.

War And Terror: Washington’s Secret Agendas

AFRICANGLOBE - One might think that by now even Americans would have caught on to the constant stream of false alarms that Washington sounds in order to deceive the people into supporting its hidden agendas.

The U.S. & Africa – How The Game Has Changed

AFRICANGLOBE - In this day and age, the era of Edward Snowden's digital espionage disclosures, and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Wiki-leaked instructions to the American Intelligence community about harvesting the DNA and frequent-flyer details of foreign dignitaries, no one doubts that President Obama has a Top Secret file on each, and every one of our continent's leaders that he is meeting in Washington this week.

A New American Strategy For Business In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa has many success stories among its 54 countries. Nine of the world’s 20 fastest-growing economies of the past two decades are in Africa, and poverty is declining while education and health are improving. Yet both the media headlines and America’s priorities are too often concerned only with terrorism, outbreaks of violence, or Ebola.

Insulting: US To Screen African Leaders For Ebola

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama announced Friday that African leaders attending a summit in Washington, D.C., next week will be screened for Ebola.

U.S. Inciting Civil War In Venezuela To Get Its Oil –...

AFRICANGLOBE - Washington is pushing Venezuela towards a “civil war” because it wants access to the country’s rich oil reserves, Bolivian President Evo Morales has warned. The Venezuelan government has also accused the U.S. of fomenting a coup d’état.

In D.C., State Of Black America Is A ‘Tale Of Two...

AFRICANGLOBE - “What distresses me the most is how we seemed to be in a cycle of losing ground on a number of fronts — voting, the fact that post-recession, the unemployment rate in black community remains high.

America’s Last Black Mayors

AFRICANGLOBE - Vincent Gray will likely be remembered as the last Black mayor of Washington, D.C. This is a very difficult reality for many longtime Black Washingtonians who’ve warily watched the transformation unfold. Washington, D.C., always stood out among Black America’s prized cultural possessions.

Dollar Survival Behind US-China Tensions

AFRICANGLOBE - The escalation of military tensions between Washington and Beijing in the East China Sea is superficially over China’s unilateral declaration of an air defense zone. But the real reason for Washington’s ire is the recent Chinese announcement that it is planning to reduce its holdings of the US dollar.

Africa: The G20 and the Struggle for Global Influence

At a recent meeting of G20 think tanks in Beijing, participants noted that if the G20 countries wished to build on their collective success in the management of the global financial crisis, they needed to focus on global trade and finance reform - matters that cut to the core of global economic governance.

Homosexual Activists Bully Donnie McClurkin

The Machiavellian tactics of the homosexual activists is clearly seen here. They speak tolerance and acceptance, yet they attack, bully, and punish those with whom they disagree. Donnie McClurkin is the worst nightmare of the Gay agenda. The insistence of the gay agenda to ignore psychiatrists who factually state, there is no homosexual or lesbian gene, thus those who are trapped in the lifestyle, is due to a flawed orientation, not genealogy.