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Namibia: Concerns Over Uranium Mining

Renewed concern has been expressed regarding uranium mining activities along the coastal areas and its impact on the environment following tests undertaken by the...

Tanzanian to Produce Anaerobic Digesters to Generate Clean Gas

As Tanzania goes through its worst energy crisis in recent years due to low electricity generation, the Centre for Agriculture Mechanization and Rural Technology (Camartec) has embarked on large-scale production of biodigesters that could help many families cope with the crisis.

12 Reasons Why Africans Are Poor, Miserable And Pitiable (5)

AFRICANGLOBE - We said last week that the number four reason why we Africans are so down and almost out in almost all indices of human development is that we are great wasters of food, talents, treasure, time and human lives. We also promised that because of the critical importance of this factor (waste) in our overall underdevelopment, we will, this week, take a further look at other aspects of waste that we could not look at in detail last week.

12 Reasons Why Africans Are Poor, Miserable And Pitiable (4)

AFRICANGLOBE - Do you want to know the number four reason why the Black man is poor and wretched? The answer is that he is a great waster. I do not know of any race that wastes things or seems to have no value for things like we the Black. We waste time, we waste talents, we waste treasure, we waste food and above all, we waste lives, the most precious of all resources God has made available for the management of his kind and of all things on earth.